*now in The Indomitable 136*


Well, I made it in the dorms.  I’m still straightening up a bit, but I’m in.  It’s nice to be surrounded by my friends again.  It’s going to be different living all the way down on the end of the hall.  I won’t have random people coming in for no reason at all.  At least, I think I won’t…  We’ll see.


I went to dinner in the cafeteria, ran into a neighbor from back in The Day.  Yes, its a girl.  And yes, she’s attractive.  And yes, I’ve always had a crush on her.  But that doesn’t mean anything.   Once again, we’ll see.


I guess this is going to be the semester of “We’ll See.”  Whatever happens, happens.


I could live like this.


One thought on “

  1. Heh, I’m sure people will still come man. Our room even cooler than it was before, with enhanced size and r33t action with two seniors living in there. We’re probably going to have to push through the freshmen worshipping us outside our door. =) Hey, I’m comin tonight. I’d rather it just be you, your family and Erin, but if they other guys come that’s okay too.

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