I should be doing homework, why am I doing this?  (Stolen from Tiffany Dunford)

— first best friend: Kevin Hart
— first real memory of something: my 5th birthday party (Star Wars-themed)
— first Job: I worked grounds on campus for a week in high school.
— first screen name: doubleofive
— first self purchased album: hm… I think it was like Newsboys “Take Me to Your Leader” or something lame like that. 
— first funeral: first one I remember is Grandma Doris’
— first pet: Jesse, my kitty (I miss him)
— first piercing/tattoo: nothing yet (can I hear a K in here?!)
— first credit card: I’ve been through a few debit cards
— first true love: Star Wars
— first enemy: I’m not sure I’ve had one.
— first big trip: like I’d remember.
— first play/musical/performance/concert: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shell Tour

— last big car ride: Yesterday’s trip back from Georgia!
— last good cry: sometime during the summer
— last kiss: see above
— last movie seen: Donnie Darko
— last beverage drank: Mountain Dew Code Red
— last food consumed: haha, consumed… oh, yeah. biscuits and gravy in the cafeteria.
— last crush: no comment
— last phone call: Nick Geisert, telling me he’s back!
–last tv show watched: X-Men (the original cartoon!)
— last time showered: this morning
— last shoes worn: my new walmart shoes
— last cd played: I’m listening to both Taking Back Sunday albums right now (mp3s)
— last item bought: item? Adobe Creative Suite, I guess.

— name: Andrew Joseph Stewart
— birth date: 11-15-83
— current location: Knoxville, TN
— hair color: brown
— height: 5′ 8″
— righty or lefty: righty

— your heritage: Mom says her side is German, I think Dad’s is Scotish or something
— your weakness: distraction
— your perfect pizza: Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Pan Pizza
— goal you’d like to achieve: do whatever God wants me to do.

— your most over used phrase on AIM: right
— your thoughts first waking up: “COFFEE WITH TUCKER!!!”
— your best physical feature:  hard to tell.  I like my facial hair. *shrug*
— your bedtime: eh, whenever I’m done online
— adidas or nike: nike?
— lipton ice tea or nestle: Lipton Summer Peach Iced Tea
— chocolate or vanilla: cappuccino
— cappuccino or coffee: Lee Tucker’s Hazelnut Creme coffee

— smoke: no thanks, I don’t.
— cuss: maybe sometimes
— sing: I love to
— take a shower everyday: I try
— ever been in love: sure
— want to go to college: why the heck not?

— liked high school: sure, why not? 
— want to get married: sure do
— believe in yourself: yep
— think you’re attractive: sure
— think you’re a health freak: lol no.
— like thunderstorms: oh yes, i love to watch them from a window
— play an instrument: I played sax for a semester… 10 years ago.
In the 6 past months…
— drank alcohol: never
— smoked: no
— done any drugs: no
— had sex: thank the Lord no
— made out: maybe…
— gone to the mall: yep
— eaten sushi: I need to try that
— been dumped: over and over and over and over and over…
— made homemade cookies: I dont think I did that this summer
— dyed your hair: not in the last 3 years
— stolen anything: nope

— played a game that required removal of clothing: I did not partake in “Strip Mario Kart” or anything of the sort
— been trashed or extremely intoxicated: not at all
— been caught “doing something”: nope
— been called a tease: I don’t think so
— shop Lifted: nope
— changed who you were to fit in: I just find myself.

— age you hope to be married: 25
— numbers and names of children: 3, Chadwick, Karina Esther, and Indiana Jones
— describe your dream wedding: don’t have one. 
— how do you want to die? happy
— what do you want to be when you grow up: whatever God wants


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  1. LOL!!  Andrew, you crack me up!!  Love some of those answers… Strip Mario Kart!!  I burst out laughing at that one – go figure.  Love the child’s name of Indiana Jones.. hehe!!  Thanks for the smiles tonight!

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