Well, I went to the National Missionary Convention, in case you missed me this weekend.  It was great stuff, as usual.  I rode with most of the students up on the bus/vans, but I stayed with Mom in her hotel right next to the convention center.  Let me say one thing about Peoria: it sucks.  The only “restaurants” anywhere downtown were pubs.  That’s it.  No McDonald’s, not even Starbucks.  Other than that glaring fact, the convention was fabulous.  It’s nice to see all these people, and it’s really nice to have name tags so that I can place how I know them.  The strangest people I ran in to had to be Bill Zych (Krystle’s dad) and Zach Korff’s parents.  Weird, wild stuff.

Well, we got back late, and I’ve got work tomorrow, as usual.  Be sure to tune into Drew’s News, Zach’s Facts, and Kit Kat’s Chit Chats to hear our new co-co-host, Rachel Price!  It’ll rock, for sure.  I think I came up with a new slogan: “Too many hosts, not enough time.”  Alright, to bed!


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