Well, having a girlfriend certainly gives me more to write about.


Today we got tickets to Disney on Ice’s Beauty and the Beast from Matt Lueke (for half price, thanks for the deal, bro!).  On the way there, Jessica and I stopped by an old rock quarry she hangs out at sometimes.  It’s filled with the clearest rainwater and is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever just sat and looked at with a beautiful girl by my side.  I wish I had had my camera.  We’ll go back, I’m sure, and I’ll share with you.


Disney on Ice was very impressive.  It was just like the movie (with most of the original soundtrack from the movie, actually), but with the characters flipping on ice instead of just walking around.  Jessica and I felt a little out of place, being the only couple without kids there, but we had a good time quoting and singing along to the entire thing.


Tonight, we picked up Britany Lutz and Christian Brewer and the two girls and I carved pumpkins while we watched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour in Clark Lobby.  My pumpkin is goofy:



Jessica’s is much more impressive, you can see it on her site.


We dropped Britany off at her house, then went out to Wal*Mart to get candles for our pumpkins.  We took Christian to his house, then went back up to Clark and watched some more Mystery Science Theater.


All in all, an awesome day.  Thanks for asking.


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