I woke up this morning to Todd busting in my room.  “Lunch!” he called.  I bolted up in my bed, pointing at him menacingly.  I got over it, threw on some pants and went to lunch.  It’s rare that I see the sun so soon after waking, but I got over it.  Lunch was decent, grilled cheese and star-shaped tater tots.  On the way back after lunch, I noticed the weather.  You see, the most beautiful days outsides usually seem to fall on Mondays when I have to work all day.  But today was pretty beautiful and windy.  So I decided that I would fulfil my promise to LeighAnn I made months ago to fly kites with her.


I pulled out my new Dragonball Z kite and assembled it.  LeighAnn came out with her My Little Pony ripoff and we went a-flying.  We started to take our kites for a walk around campus, but my kite was having problems.  So LeighAnn offered to tend to my kite if I just held hers.  Forty five seconds later her kite was in a tree.  Oh boy.  She managed to wrangle it down, but all of the flying was out of us.  Besides, I didn’t want to destroy everything with my terrible kite-flying skills.  So we just picked up Emily and Drew2 and went to Best Buy.


I came back to the dorm and got a call from Fiona.  “Come trick-or-treating with us!”  How could I resist BP’s girl, so I threw on the Jedi outfit I wore the other night and headed out with her (as a Chinese girl), Susana (as a ninja), Zuber (as The Intruder), Todd (as a ninja), Jared Wortman (as The Hulk), and Phil (as a ninja).  We hit Mom’s house, then went over to a neighborhood off of Kingston Pike to do some door-to-door candilization.  Alas, being the day before Halloween, there weren’t many homes prepared for our arrival.  But we did get some candy.  We stopped by Taco Bell on the way back to get me some food.


Once we got back, we watched Nightmare Before Christmas in the lobby.  After the movie, we played Halo.  I hadn’t played in several weeks, and I was sucking it up.  So I simply stopped playing and went to bed.  Why let some stupid game stress me out?  Once again, I could get better if I practiced, but do I really want to be good at a video game at the expense of doing things worthwhile?


Too bad my girlfriend is traveling with choir and is in Ohio this weekend.  You know she’ll be gone my birthday weekend too?  Not like I don’t have to work all day that day anyway…  Oh well.


To bed.


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  1. just to counter your gaming comment you need to understand something. Some of us consider halo-type games to be almost an online sport. So where you may find it worthwhile it sit with friends and watch movies, others may find it worthwhile to sit and play halo with each other. Truth be known it seems that playing video games is replacing groups of guys watching sports. And yes drew you were sucking it up lol

  2. Anonymous

    The WHITE NINJA, yeah, not just another ninja, sucker. No to mention the only one with a real weapon (which turned out to be a bad idea). And Ohio sucks, I feel bad for Dayle.

  3. Anonymous

    todd busted in our rooms too and said LUNCH! and we went over and shook our finger at him menancingly too. we got over it and threw on some pants (and other clothes) and went to lunch. true story….not really. love, sabra and keri.  

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