So I voted today.  It was so simple to make such a difference, but I was kind of disappointed.  All this talk about democracy and voting, and you just push a couple buttons and that’s it.  All of the involvement I have with my government is in the form of red lights shining through an overlay with names on it.  Kind of sad really.


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  1. when i was little, i would go vote with my Mom and for people that she didnt know, she would let me pick and I would pick people that had first names of my friends, of if I saw them on an ad and thought they were cute. hahaha!  (i don’t do that now… err… LOL!! JUST KIDDING)

  2. well drew, you know in the olden days it wasnt just touch screen voting…..i remember when i was a kid mom and dad did the old punch card method…yeah, i grew up in florida.  good guess.
    you know, there is ONE thing im bitter about, now that i think about it….i didnt get that little sticker that says “i voted”  bah!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, I like the punch cards, that’s what I had. I think what’s more sad is how many people find it too difficult to go out and participate in the simple process of voting.

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