Hi doubleofive! It’s been 552 (wow, that’s a big number) days since you joined Xanga…”

Well, its break time.  I’m staying here at Mom’s for most of the
break, but I’m planning on going up to Todd’s for New Years, so if you
want to see me I’ll be there.

Friday was spent with Jessica at Mom’s.  We baked gingerbread
cookies and watched The Preacher’s Wife (I would italize like you’re
supposed to for a movie title, but I hate Mozilla).  After Mom and
the boys went to bed, Jessica, Dad and I watched I, Robot.

Saturday, after saying goodbye to Jessica, my family left for
Dollywood.  Since a. we couldn’t find me a free ticket and b. I
really don’t care for Dollywood all that much, I went over to Zach’s to
watch the new Turtles episode.  It ended up that I spent the next
13 hours over there at the Korffs’.  We went out to Taco Bell and
Wal*Mart at lunch and went out to pick up some Little Caesers for
dinner, but other than that, Zach and I sat in his living room playing
our Game Boys and watching all of season 8 of Friends.  Yes it was
something we could have done alone, but doing it alone together made us
feel a bit more useful.

Sunday was Briscoe’s birthday, so in celebration, he got baptized!  A double birthday for Briscoe!

The rest of this week will involve me disciplining myself long enough
to get my correspondence work done so I can graduate in May, and
counting down the days till I can open up those presents in the living
room.  I’ll update you all later with what’s there.


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  1. Anonymous

    hey im not sure whats gonna happen with hanging out with kannaday…luke was in it first so i dont know what to think yet…thanks for the comment…i’ll see ya soon…

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