So, everyone went back home to Indiana and are now encased in
snow.  I’m just giving you an update from back here at JBC, and I
have to say that we don’t have any weather at all.  Seriously,
it’s like not even cold outside.  No White Christmas for us, but
then again, I think I’ve only had 1 here and this is my ninth Christmas
down here.  I usually go up to Indiana for Christmas and get all
the snow I need for the year, but this year I’m not.

I just hope that there’s enough snow to make it fun when I do come up
for New Years, but not too much snow that Mom won’t let me drive up

Oh, and I’ve been managing to keep up with a good number of your
entries, you JBC BlogRingers.  I guess you’re all really bored,
because I’ve never seen this much activity on the Ring.  Keep it


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