It’s official.  The final Star Wars movie is PG-13.  Personally, I like the idea, and look at it like Star Wars has grown up with me.  On the other hand, I think of my little brothers, and how it’s very possible that they will not be able to see it.


My lust for blood vs. family friendly franchise.


Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “

  1. yea Drew is one of those things man, geez though but this is the one i have been waiting for, for like 6 years man i ohh i know its gonna be off the hook i just want to see some vader disturction. We in the African American community have imbraced Vader as a leader, and not only becouse of the Great Vocie of  James Earl Jones, but he is Big, Black and Full of Power you cant beat that at all haha but yea its gonna be great

  2. The Star Wars series was never intended for the younger audience.  It is greatly hurt by being catered to them because some of the themes of injustice and evil will be completely lost on them.  Which might be a bad injustice because if the director caterers to them then some of these themes will no longer show up and that might be worse still.

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