Movie Night was tonight.  Over 400 people showed up.  All three of my videos won second place in their divisions, which is nice.  The problem is that Mark got so excited that we had the exact numbers of votes that he awarded all of the Ashleys (first place) first, then started awarding the Emmas (second place).  By the time that all of the Ashleys were handed out and the Emmas were being done, around 360 people left.  So yeah, I won the awards, but no one was there to see it.  *shrug*


At least I won an award, unlike Thursday…  But I’m over that now.  I can graduate without getting any media recognition because what really matters is that im graduating.  And then I’m getting married.  And that is what really matters.


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  1. Hey man. I “yelled” at people for leaving in my latest post. Hopefully it won’t happen again. It really is rude, and sad that people can’t take 10 more minutes to see the awards part. And personally I think Thursday dealt you a bad hand as well. I heard that a certian someone who won a media award told Mark to his face the day before how sick he was of the program. Whatever ….

  2. Also, remember the element that you have abilities in media, whether or not you get recognition. The categories tonight did not do justice to the videos produced within them. K-Town P.D. intro did not stand as a “music video”, per say, but it sure did rock, roll, and rule.

  3. Thanks guys.  It didn’t help that the soccer team that I helped create also got second place tonight.  I should really be thankful that we all got second places, and not lasts.

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