One page in my life is over.  Another one begins.

Last night was graduation.  Wednesday is Episode III.  6
weeks from today, I’ll be married.  Time is flying, and most of me
is grateful for it.  The rest of me will miss all of the friends I
made as a student and the single life in the dorms.  Since I’m
making changes, I might as well make as many as possible so as not to
miss out on the changing attitude I have…

Alright, I’ll catch you guys later.

And no, just because I’m not a student doesn’t mean I’m giving up my
Ring Leadership.  As long as I’m on campus, I’m in charge.


6 thoughts on “

  1. what makes u think you will ever be allowed to leave? if there is no drew there is no ring! you are the…should i say it? lord of the, that was lame even for me.

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats it’s coming soon, I’ll be a Canafax in less than 2 months and Star Wars is out in well 1 min, of course I am waiting to see it with Phil, but hey- your my cool friend who shares in the Star Wars passions with me, heck that’s 90% of our first conversation when we were highschoolers. Aren’t you excited we are gonna be old married folks on campus, fun stuff!

  3. Those jokes have totally been done. =) And Drew’s just about to cover all the lands in a second darkness, which he’ll get around to once this wedding stuff has passed. Or maybe the wedding IS the second darkness…and his progeny will become the scourge of the Earth, causing all who look upon them to love them and despair…why am I even typing this crap? =) Excuse me, I’m going to poke my cat’s eyes out.

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