I let a couple of groups into the Blogring, which is usually against my standards, so I figured I’d state out my personal standards for getting into the Blogring.

– I let current and past students, faculty, staff, and campus kids in no questions asked; future students are only admitted the summer before they begin attending and only after they have been accepted.

– Groups (and couples) are normally rejected to limit clique controversy and websites with open passwords are too easily hacked and updated too often; they would be the only posts on the main page of the Ring.

I let these two groups in today (Harvesters and Orphanage Outreach) because they will be used for announcements and updates only (if I understood correctly). And I have a soft spot for missions.

Hope you all have a bit more understanding into the workings of the BlogRing.

Head of the JBC Computer Command Center for Computer Conspiracy and Collusion


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