The concept of this hurts my brain. Literally. There’s a line between having too many buttons on a game controller to LOOKING LIKE A FREAKING REMOTE CONTROL. I just can’t wrap my brain around it…

Of course, I said that the DS wouldn’t go anywhere, but apparently it’s not too bad of a system. It keeps looking like Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot, but they always manage to recover. First it was sticking with cartridges for the N64. Then it was using miniDVDs for the Cube. Now its having a remote control controller that uses infared to move and a seperate piece for an analog stick. This company is amazing, if not for its inovations than for its invincibility.


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  1. I read about the controller last night. In many ways, Nintendo pushes innovation in a market that doesn’t have very much ingenuity. Look, how different is a PS1 from a PS2? Hardware. They flippin’ used the same annoying controller! The differences in the system come in “better graphics” through upgraded hardware.Xbox doesn’t have much to say for itself, but pretty much they produced a computer box with a box for a controller, then came out with a much nicer controller.But Nintendo, they created the rumble pack with Star Fox 64 (and, with that, “attachment to the controller” feature, unless Sega did that first with the Dreamcast), the joystick controller with N64 (unless you count old Atari), a very ergonomic controller with ‘Cube (technically, not much creation went on there, just some really good designing), effectively testing this controller’s wireless system with the Wavebird, creating different Gameboys all along the way, and now creating a machine that works like a hand-held sword. I applaud Nintendo for innovating in a market of copyists.

  2. The only real good thing about Nintendo is Smash Bros. and Zelda. If not for those two (and perhaps the endless supply of Mario games) Nintendo couldn’t compete. Playstation 3 is where it’s gonna be.

  3. I’ve always liked the PS controller. I guess I fear change. People haven’t played games with one hand since the 2600 days. I just think that your arm will get tired playing Metroid Prime 3 after waving it around for a few hours to look around.

  4. To directly comment on Jesse’s comment, I’ll admit that Nintendo has changed gaming in very significant ways, but they made Rumble and Analog control on a system that no one could make games on, and if they tried, their games were blurry beyond recognition. They made an ergonomic controller that is tiny and looks like the random squiggles of hardening candy on a system that “exclusively plays games” but makes you compress your games to fit on tiny discs (don’t even get me started on the fact that the gamecube isn’t a cube in any way).I can’t argue with Gameboys though. They are the bomb-diggity, what with their massive backward compatibility (save for the GB Micro, which will only play GBA games).That’s what sells a system for me: backward compatibility. The Playstation has always been backward compatible. I still have my first PS game (Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi) and I will have it long after I buy a PS3. If you buy the Xbox 360 with a hard drive (which every person who buys one should), it can play Xbox games. Nintendo finally caught on, but in a different way. The rumor is that the Revolution will emulate every Nintendo game for every system. But you have to buy them online. Even if you already have them. I know it would be impossible to design a system that could play 3-5 different kinds of cartidges AND miniDVD AND HD-DVD, but unless they somehow give you a discount for owning every NES game known to man, you’ll still be blowing on your cartridge to play Final Fantasy 1 unless you want to buy the game all over again.It’s not that I have anything personal against Nintendo. We own an NES, two Gameboy Advance SPs, and a Gamecube. I’m just saying that the Revolution won’t be my first choice when I’m buying the next-gen systems. I mean, I just bought our Cube in December, and that was for Dayle. I passed my Playstation1 on to my little brothers when I got the Playstation2. And next year (if I can afford to) I will be passing on my Playstation2 to them. And none of us have to buy new games.

  5. I’ve never been to fond of nintendo controlers other than SNES. The N64 and gamecube were just too awkward since some of the buttons weren’t as easily accessible. Gamecube wasn’t nearly as bad as N64, but the C stick was just annoying to me.

  6. Anonymous

    Arrgg. motion capture controls. this never works. I know I have an old microsoft game pad that works that way you cant control anything. I like drew am going to stick with my faithfull old PS controler

  7. Anonymous

    I was so pumped about getting to finally play the unleashed Metroid Prime 3. But now I am not so excited about waving my arms around like some attendee at a 3 hour rap concert.

  8. Anonymous

    ^ Which was Drew, by the way ^I was going to make wallpaper as soon as the DS was announced, welcoming it to the family. The rest of the wallpaper was going to be powerpads, powergloves, ROBs, Virtual Boys, etc. Now I’m tempted again to do it, but add the controller on there too.Too gimmicky for most games. Maybe most games will use the GameCube controller and this will be set aside for special games…

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