The saga is finally complete on my shelf.  I even got a bonus disc that recaps the original trilogy for those who only own the prequels.

Zach and I ventured out at midnight to pick it up, as is our custom with most things we both love.  Now every time that we’ve planned to do this, we have a grand number of people who say they want to go with us.  But every time it’s ended up being just me and Zach.  Last night was different: DJ Butcher joined us in our journey.  This was good for him, because (I didn’t know this) he only had the VHSs of the whole saga up to that point!  So I convinced him to just go all the way and buy the whole saga all at once.  Along with him buying Battlefront II for his PC, he paid many a pretty penny that night.

So ends the saga of Zach and Drew going to Walmart to buy Star Wars.  I shall miss it.


The next thing done at midnight is Goblet of Fire.  And yes, we’re dressing up.


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  1. rad pic…i saw u all walk into the EAC last night…u kinda made me nervous cuz u looked like a cult. haha. i woulda been at the party if i hadnt been sick all weekend and in desperate need of studying and rest… oh well…i hope it was a blast…u guys looked rad

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