My mother-in-law got me Battlefront II for my birthday (which is today).  And people complain about their mothers-in-law…

So tonight I’m having a few people come over to battle alongside me as
I crush both the Republic and the Rebellion in several quick, decisive



10 thoughts on “

  1. some people can’t even admit to themselves that they are a nerd. not you, my friend. not only have you got your mother-in-law admitting it, she’s supporting your nerdly addictions. well played. well played. now if you could only get dr. eubanks to admit how strong the force is with you. . .

  2. does this mean we get to make you a contender in our faculty death matches?
    who would we pit you up against, and for what title?
    mark young for star wars supremacy? josh kelley for l3373s7 h4x0r? dr. eaton for tenure at gap creek?
    the possibilities are innumerable. . .

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