From (in reference to a website that said that you know you’re having Thanksgiving with nerds when the turkey gets to roll a saving throw):

The turkey will almost certainly not get a saving throw. He’ll only get it if he survives the damage from the coup de grace, which is an automatic critical. If somehow he survives this, then the turkey will get a fortitude save DC10 + Damage received or die.

Provided you’re a normal sized creature with no strength modifier using a handaxe (d6 x 3 crit) to decapitate the turkey, which I’m guessing is a 2 HP creature, you’re going to succeed. If I’m wrong and it’s a 4 HP creature, I guess 1 out of 6 will survive the first attack and get to the saving throw where they will then have to make a DC 13 saving throw, minus a +2 fort bonus, meaning the turkey will have to roll an 11 to survive to the next round.

It will take you a full round and you will provoke attacks of opportunity from all his turkey allies.


I know only about 7 of you will get it, but I thought it was funny.


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