REVIEW: 27 Dresses (2008)

Summary: A romantic comedy where a girl’s sister (or is it best friend?) is getting married to the guy she secretly has a crush on. The girl decides that she can’t let this happen so she passive-aggressively tries to stop it. It stars Julia Roberts, no wait; Jennifer Lopez; no, Debra Messing; hold on, Patrick Dempsey. That’s not it…

Oh yeah, Katherine Heigl and James Marsden are in this one.

Thoughts: I couldn’t help but start my review in the Summary. If you’ve seen any of the other movies I mentioned, you can predict what happens in this one. Even if you haven’t seen any of them, you can pretty much figure what happens next.

The acting was alright, but the characters seemed kind of hollow. In most of these movies, the “evil” sister/best friend, isn’t evil at all. In this one, she lives a lie to be attractive to the guy stuck in the middle. And no matter how much you love your little sister, you’d take her aside and explain how you have a crush on this guy and that he should be left alone and she should stop lying to him.

And after Jane finally breaks up the wedding, she kisses the guy she’s had a crush on for years and immediately decides there’s nothing there. What?

James Marsden is great as the outside influence, the sarcastic stranger who just so happens to be the writer of the wedding articles that Jane loves so dearly (like you didn’t see that coming). This just goes to show that James Marsden can play pretty much any role thrown at him.

This movie had its moments where it stood out amongst the other movies, but it soon goes back marching in line with the rest.

Overall: Cute, but ultimately predictable.


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