REVIEW: I Am Legend (2007)

I forgot to write a review of this after we watched it a few weeks ago, so my feelings might be a bit fuzzy.
Summary: What if you tried to cure cancer and accidentally released a virus that killed most of the planet, left a few as raging zombie vampires, and you’re the only one you know is immune? What would you do? If you’re Will Smith, you’ll live for 3 years alone on Manhattan island trying to find a cure for your cure, fighting the zombie vampires, and holding out for more survivors.

Thoughts: The more I think about it, the more I liked this movie. The first half generated genuine emotions for me, including loneliness, desperation, and fear. I loved the precautions he took, the routines he had created. It made me wonder what I would do in the same situation (the answer is die). Towards the end, it became kind of plain old zombie film, but plain old zombie films are awesome, so that’s completely forgivable.

I like Will Smith. As an actor, as a person, he’s just a cool guy. Some people might give him a hard time, but he really worked it in this movie.

Overall: A genuine movie, with genuine emotions.


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