REVIEW: Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

I bought the Unrated version which, unlike the Unrated Alien vs Predator which just added badly CGIed blood, adds actual scenes back and re-edits scenes to make more sense.
Summary: Immediately following Alien vs Predator (which you don’t have to have watched), a Predator (called Yautja in the comics) ship with Alien (Xenomorph) facehuggers and a Predator-Alien hybrid queen crash lands near a town in Colorado and a lone Predator is sent to clean it up.

Oh and people live in the town. Many people die.

Thoughts: I’m a huge Alien fan. For a guy who hates scary movies, this is strange even to me. I also enjoy the Predator movies, so the first Alien vs Predator seemed right up my alley. I found a PG-13 movie focusing on a bunch of scientists, who run into fighting aliens. The sequel, which all but ignores the first one save for the Pred-Alien, set out to be rated R and focused on the aliens, which it accomplished in that regard. The humans were one dimensional, and I can only remember one of their names because he shares it with one of the characters from the original Alien movie. You have to deal with them for a while, just because no one realizes that we can pretty much understand what the Predator is thinking and would be more than willing to see a movie with just Predators hunting Aliens.

Wow, what a dark movie. Literally and figuratively. I couldn’t see much of anything, which I suppose is the point. And many people die, including several you wouldn’t expect. I really feel like I didn’t watch it because I couldn’t see what was going on, which kind of makes me want to watch it again soon.

My largest problem with the movie is one few others will have: the Alien lifecycle gets all screwed up again. I know why (so we don’t have to wait for weeks to have a formidable Alien army) and I’m sure they have a good in-universe excuse, and it’s not really a problem so much as just a nitpick. It’s also sped up because what was so scary about the original Alien movie was that the viewer didn’t know what was going to happen. The incubation stage lasted a long time so the viewer was even more surprised when an Alien popped out. Now that we all know what’s going to happen, the makers speed it up so we don’t get bored. I guess I shouldn’t complain, or people would have taken even longer to die. And the Pred-Alien has a most… interesting way of bypassing the egg stage altogether, which I won’t go into here, except to say that its one of the most disturbing things ever.

Overall: Gory fun, if you can see what’s happening.

NOTE: Adam Baldwin was supposed to reprise his role from Predator 2, which would have raised this movie’s score by a whole point (at least!), but he was unable to make the time to film it. It would have only been a handful of scenes, but tying it into the other movies using one of my favorite actors would have been worth it.


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