Blogger Beginnings

So I was inspired by Lee Tucker’s awesome blog and decided to try my hand at blogging again. This will be imported to Facebook automatically, so that’s realy cool too. I’ll be composing my movie reviews on here from now on, that way you don’t have to log into Facebook or MySpace to read them.

This summer has been fun. It’s our first summer in our own house, so we’ve been trying to have people come see it. The Chastains came a few weeks ago, Josh “harveydent4” Guerrero comes next week, the MacSavenys a couple weeks after that. Then Labor Day weekend we’re going down to TN to visit the Chastains and Browns, which also should be fun.

We’ve not been doing much else. I’ve been spending my free time on the forums, a site originally made to un-Special Edition the Star Wars movies, but has grown into a very active fan editing community of not just Star Wars movies. I’ve been getting involved in “The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited” from the editor of “A New Hope: Revisited” (which has a review on my Facebook/MySpace). Basically this one guy decided that he liked the Special Editions well enough, but some things went too far and others didn’t go far enough. Then the DVD editions came out in 2004 and not only did they change more stuff, they ruined the colors somehow. So he is going though each movie hand-correcting the color, fixing the little mistakes, and making some things make more sense and be more dynamic overall so there isn’t such a large visual jump from Episode III to Episode IV. He also redid every lightsaber and laser blast so they would be consistent from shot to shot. It’s impressive work. It took him two years to do A New Hope: Revisited, but it was his first edit and he was teaching himself how to do special effects at the same time. He also designed and painted his own DVD cover, a sculpted some things eventually not used.

The best part about this edit is the fact that he is open to suggestion. He admits that he can’t think of everything, so a bunch of us suggest things that might need to be changed/fixed/enhanced to make the movie even better. It’s nice to have input and certainly helps this to be an edit by the fans for the fans. Since I lack the technology and skills to do this myself, its nice to have a part in this. He plans on doing all 6 movies, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of this.

Sorry, that was kind of off topic, but it’s my blog, I can bring up whatever topic I want! I’m back baby!


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