Cruisin’ Caribbean – Part 2

Missed Part 1?  Here you go!

We were welcomed to the Bahamas in style.
We were welcomed to the Bahamas in style.
The Lost Hotel of Atlantis.
The Lost Hotel of Atlantis.

So Sunday morning we left the ship onto Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.  We had a scheduled excursion for a harbor tour which ended at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island.  The tour was great, but windy.  If I heard right, one of the beach houses we passed used to be owned by Richard Harris, the first Dumbledore!  We got off the tour boat at the pier and walked to Atlantis for our “Discovery Tour”.  The tour guide took us through a part of the hotel and down to the Predator Lagoon.  They had all kinds of sharks and other terrifying sea creatures.  I took a bunch of pictures, but I will spare you them.  You’ve seen fish before.

This manta ray threatened my life if I didn't put a picture of him on here.
This manta ray threatened my life if I didn't put a picture of him on here.

The main part of the tour was actually of the Ruins Lagoon, a confusing replica of the Lost City of Atlantis.  I say “confusing” because the guide kept talking about “actual artifacts” and “authentic replicas” for a completely mythical civilization.  I’m sure that some people have taken what was told them as truth and tell their friends.  Anyway, it was a huge saltwater aquarium with a bunch of sea creatures swimming among big fake machinery and wall carvings.  Again, I took a bunch of pictures but I’ll only post this one.  Picture taking was honestly a problem due to the other people in our tour group.  Apparently they thought the best way to remember the tour was to pose in front of every single window and take their picture, complete with flash.  They’ll be disappointed when all they have is pictures of them standing in front of giant glare spots with fuzzy fish somewhere in the background.

After the Tour of Lies, they released us into the middle of the Atlantis Hotel to do what we want.  I honestly just stood there staring at the private beach and all of the green palm trees swaying in the wind.  I could have stayed there forever.  It was so beautiful.  Eventually I started moving again and we found a place to eat not far from the hotel.  Apparently it was still part of the hotel, because the prices were outrageous.  We paid them anyway, as we hadn’t had to pay for food on the ship.  We rushed back to catch the next boat back to the main island which left every half hour, but missed it and had to wait the extra half hour.  Because it was Sunday, everything was already closed by the time we got back so we just went back on the ship.  After dinner (mahi-mahi this time), we hung out with Eric and Stefani and played Spades with them long into the night.

The sun rises over Miami and the same Carnival ship.
The sun rises over Miami and the same Carnival ship.

The next morning we had to get up early so we could get off the ship in Miami to head home.  We got through customs at the pier, then took a bus back to the airport (the middle-aged ladies were on our bus, but we ignored one another).  We got to Atlanta without incident.  We were hoping that we could get another stand-by flight and make more money, but alas, our plane wasn’t even full.  However they did make an announcement that our plane was having problems and we all had to move to another gate and wait for them to find us another plane.  After two hours, our plane came from who knows where and we finally boarded.  No more vouchers for us. 😦

And that was our cruise!

I have to mention the ethnic melting pot we got to experience.  Every crew member on the ship seemed to be a different ethnicity.  You know those commercials where the help always is smiling and truly seems eager to serve you.  It’s actually like that.  Everyone was nice and polite and helpful.  It was incredible.

Sea life seems to be the way for me.  The boat rocking never made me feel ill, it excited me.  I loved just standing and staring out at the water rushing by.

Overall, the cruise was the best thing ever.  Everyone should go on one.  Heck, we all should go on the same one.  You wouldn’t regret it.


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