REVIEW: Up (2009)

The answer to the immortal question: "Where do these stairs go?"
The answer to the immortal question: "Where do these stairs go?"

Went to Holiday Drive-In last night with some free tickets.  Here is the first movie we saw, Up.

Summary: An old man who always dreamed of adventure finally gets to have one, taking his house (and a stowaway) to South America via balloons.

Thoughts: Who thinks of this stuff?  Save for Cars (which reminds me of Doc Hollywood for several reasons), I’ve found every Pixar movie to be wildly unique and incredible (pardon the pun).  This movie is no different, even though it goes down emotional alleys I didn’t think kids’ movies would go into.  It’s deep, it’s sad, it’s heartwarming, it’s goofy, it’s beautiful, it’s funny, and the heroes are the most unlikely heroes in a movie probably of all time (unless you count Bubba Ho-tep, which I’ve not seen yet).

The voice acting is perfect, the visuals are amazing, and everything about it was truly unique, something I feel Disney lost a long time ago (if they ever had it to begin with).  I’m glad Pixar is not being suppressed by being bought out by Disney, although the idea of a third Toy Story worries me.

I can’t say enough about Up‘s uniqueness and its combination of elements are perfect.  There were parts where I almost cried, and not because it was the climax of the movie, but because it was so heartwarming.  It’s a great movie, for real.

Overall: Unique and heartwarming, something every other movie wishes it could be.

Sorry for the shortness, the trailers were so vague its hard not to spoil things about it.  I will not be so kind to the second movie we saw: Hannah Montana.

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