RANT: The ONLY doubleofive

I’m proud of my screenname.  I really am.  I picked it out around 1998 or so and have never failed to get it for any website: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Xbox LIVE, MySpace, Twitter, WordPress, tons of forums…  If you see the name doubleofive, you can be assured its me.

Except for Facebook.

As of midnight EST this morning, you could pick screennames so that people could search and find you by username and not just your real name.  I was up at 3am and thought I should save my “doubleofive”, but figured it would be OK for me to get some sleep, who would take it after almost 12 years of getting it every time?  Apparently I was wrong.  Some kid in Minnesota took it before I could.

It’s stupid, but I feel like my identity has been stolen.  I actually submitted a “Violiation of Intellectual Property” to Facebook about it!  Figured being able to prove that every other doubleofive is me would gain me back the one I lost.

I was so proud that if you searched “doubleofive” on Google, every result pointed to me.  Now I’m afraid that the top result will be some kid I’ve never met before in my life.

I hope Facebook agrees with my sentiments…

UPDATE: As I wake up more, I’m calming down.  Its not like using http://www.facebook.com/drew.stewart will kill me (it’s actually really cool), or that he’s funnelling potential clients or money away from me (for which I have nothing to offer but this blog).  It would have been nice to have “doubleofive” everywhere, but I had to start losing somewhere.  I mean, Robot Chicken had to take “CyborgTurkey” on Twitter, and I’m sure they actually have a copyright!

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