REVIEW: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

Bark at the moon.

Summary: The Twilight Saga continues with Edward leaving Bella so she doesn’t get hurt, driving her into the arms of Jacob, who is a great choice in that he doesn’t want to eat her.  However, love must survive, even when its the stupid choice.

Thoughts: I was worried about this movie.  Of all the Twilight books (which I have read), I could never remember what happened in this one, mainly because nothing does.   I was hoping that maybe this movie might defy convention and be better than its source material.  This was not the case.

I found that instead of glossing over the worst parts of the book, this movie really brings to light the basic flaw of the series as a whole: Bella is not a complete person without a man in her life.  Once Edward leaves, her life falls apart until Jacob likes her, but even then his affection isn’t good enough.  She needs Edward.  When she starts hallucinating Edward whenever she does something risky, she goes out of her way to do stupid things just to imagine him there telling her not to do it.   She even jumps off a cliff just to feel alive or something.   And the movie is totally OK with this.  She doesn’t need help, she’s in love.  She’s a teenager for goodness sake.  This is not a message we need to be sending young girls.

Another problem is that she constantly makes the poor choice.  Edward knows he’s bad news and keeps telling Bella this, but she throws herself at him constantly.  After he leaves, Jacob throws himself at Bella, and she gives him the cold shoulder.  As soon as he starts to tell her that he’s dangerous because he’s a werewolf, she throws herself at him but he won’t have it.  And (surprise, surprise) as soon as Jacob likes her again, she ignores him for Edward, who still doesn’t want to do what it takes for them to be together (i.e. bite her).  Again, what are we trying to teach young girls?  Always go for the dangerous guy who doesn’t like you that much?  It’s endlessly frustrating, but that’s true love  for you.

Besides enhancing the series’ general flaws, it has other flaws too.  The werewolf effects could still use some work.  There was something wrong-looking about them, like they needed more rendering time.  While the pale makeup for the vampires was toned down, they turned up the eyes, which is especially funny when the vampire senate is talking about how humans must not find out they’re vampires when their eyes almost glow red.  The vampires still sparkle in the sun, but at least it doesn’t make the *sparkle, sparkle* sound anymore.

The acting was overdone.  I can’t stand Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson just seemed to be saying his lines so they could move on to the next scene.  Once again, Billy Burke (Bella’s dad) seems to be the only person trying to act in this movie.  The main characters’ eyes were always looking down staring at the other person’s (usually shirtless) chest or off to the side, which I found very distracting.

It may seem like I’m being unfair or just focusing on the negatives, but when the movie focuses on them, its hard not to in a review.

Overall: Next time, let’s try to minimize the flaws in the book, not make them the focus.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

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