REVIEW: Avatar (2009)

A whole new world.

Summary: It’s 2154 and a marine who lost the use of his legs finds a new opportunity to take his twin brother’s place controlling an alien body on a beautiful planet.  His job is to study the natives and maybe convince them to relocate so the humans can have a rare substance on their land.  However, he finds that betraying the natives is a lot harder after they accept him as one of their own.

Thoughts: James Cameron hasn’t made a movie since Titanic.  The mind that brought us Terminator and Aliens has been out of action since 1997.  However, this movie has been in his mind since before then.  Finally, the technology caught up with his vision, and unlike George Lucas and the Prequels, Cameron’s vision was worth waiting for.

While the story may have been told before, its never been told this well.  Every aspect of the film is technologically superior to anything that has come before, CGI or live action.  The characters are incredibly life-like (Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar is obviously alien and obviously Sigourney).  The mannerisms of each actor is brought through their CGI counterparts perfectly.  The planet itself is beautiful as well.  I found myself lost in the CGI, forgetting it was computer-generated several times.  The action was fantastic, the plot engrossing, and it was genuinely entertaining.

I got to see it in 3D, which I have to recommend.  Cameron designed it to be seen in 3D, and it is exquisite.  Most of it is very subtle and really helps bring you into the movie.

Overall: Beautiful, thrilling, groundbreaking.  While I wouldn’t say it changes everything about filmmaking, it certainly changes a whole lot.

4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Avatar (2009)

  1. skyjedi

    I loved this movie but hated Star Trek so i guess i am a minority, since people that loved Trek are bashing this film as a wussy film and a leftist piece of propaganda.

    1. doubleofive

      As you know, I loved Star Trek and Avatar. I didn’t think Avatar was propaganda at all. Sure, it could be interpreted that way, but the only big speeches were uniting against a common threat, not necessarily that the common threat was progress or something.

  2. skyjedi

    Also i hated Titanic the first time i saw it as a chick flick, but on further viewings i was drawn into how the love story and drama of the characters are so strong and the period and inaccurate history are just a backdrop for that. Though it did not blow my mind like T2 did in cinemas during the future war scenes, i had been. Makes me wonder what Disney Pixar will do for John Carter of Mars, which in the past Cameron said he was a fan of.

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