LOST THOUGHTS: “What Kate Does”

Pre-show Thoughts:

  • I like the title of the episode, as it calls back the classic “What Kate Did”, one of the first episodes that centered around directly answering questions.
  • I just realized that Alt2004 has no Farraday, Widmore, Eloise, Richard, Ben, or anyone else we met in 1977 as they were all on the Island when it blew.  Or at least, it shouldn’t


  • The flashes do make a different sound.  Neither the flashback, flashforward, or time skip sound.  I like it.  It has a creaking ship sound towards the end.
  • So Sawyer is the runner now.  Good riddance, I’m tired of him honestly.
  • Why would The Others torture Zombie/Jesus Sayid?  Ah, they must have been making sure he felt pain so he wasn’t the Smoke Monster?
  • Justin wants to tell us what’s going on.  Don’t hit him, let him talk!
  • Is Sayid infected with whatever got Rousseau’s team got?
  • Japanese guy leans on Jack’s weakness: taking responsibility for everything.
  • ZombieSayid denies being a zombie.  He would.
  • Was Claire still told she shouldn’t give up the baby if the physic was getting tips from the Island?
  • Why would Sawyer have hidden things in the floorboards of his house?  If they’re mementos of Juliet, why would he have hidden them?
  • ETHAN!?!?!?!?!  He’s a real baby doctor!  He doesn’t want to stick her with needles if he doesn’t have to.  LOL
  • MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kate and Claire are destined to raise this baby together.
  • Japanese guy won’t give us ANSWERS!  That’s what we want!
  • So they want to kill ZombieSayid?  Aim for the head!
  • Esau/MIB is sure taking his sweet time to “free” everyone during all this.
  • So the Smoke Monster acts like the Borg?  Assimilating the body?
  • Whoa, Claire was assimilated?
  • Claire has replaced Rousseau as the crazy lady in the forest?

I still can’t seem to care about the AltLosties.  Heck, I barely care about the RegularLosties at this point.  I just want answers!

8 thoughts on “LOST THOUGHTS: “What Kate Does”

  1. Dj

    You know, I USED to have a good idea about what was going on in this show, minus the complete twists and turns.

    But now I’m completely confused. Honestly, seasons 1 – 3 were amazing, but the past couple ones have just spiraled out of control. I guess I’m watching just because I’ve come this far, might as well go all the way.

    There is SO much left to answer that I can’t even imagine a way that they can do it all this season.

    Overall I’m disappointed, but I’ll be relieved when it’s all over.

  2. Tired Sawyer, really? I just thought he was getting interesting. Seriously, Juliet’s death seems to have pushed him the new direction he so desperately needed. Now Kate, there’s a character to be sick of.

    I’m actually finding things are falling into place on Lost. The fact that there were two opposing powers operating all this time clears up a lot of the inconsistencies.

  3. THANKS MAC, ugh. men don’t even understand themselves sometimes.

    drew, you never fail to make me lol — “claire has replaced rousseau as the crazy lady in the forest?”

    I have no thoughts on this episode. it was slightly informative, but overall “meh”. the shocking cliffhangers weren’t.

  4. Jimmy

    Seriously, what would the need be for hiding a ring in the floorboards? I’m thinking there was something more, like something from before they jumped into the past.
    Nice move by Jack, taking the pill.
    Overall yeah, kind of a lame ep.

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