LOST THOUGHTS: “The Substitute”

  • AltLocke is engaged to his phone-sex operator?!  Crazy, the Island not existing changed a whole lot.
  • Esau has a fast travel mode as the Smoke Monster.  Good for him!
  • AltLocke lied about going on a seminar so he could lie about going on a walkabout?
  • Why are they flashing sideways from AltLocke and Esau impersonating Locke?
  • If the Smoke Monster can see ghosts, what does that mean for all of the ghosts we figured were the Smoke Monster?
  • Esau promises answers to Sawyer.  Not only answers, THE answer to the questions from the Pilot.
  • AltHugo is a nice guy, like always.  So Alt2004 isn’t a Star Trek-type mirror universe where everyone is the opposite…
  • For everyone wanting to “flee” to the temple, they’re all rather calm about it.
  • OK, Sawyer can see Ghost Boy whoever too.
  • Why didn’t Esau shift into Smoke Monster form to chase the kid?
  • Ghost Boy says the Esau isn’t allowed to kill “him”, Jacob I’m guessing.  So the kid isn’t reincarnated Jacob…
  • Richard!  He’ll explain things!  Esau wants everyone dead.  Everyone who Jacob called to the Island, I guess…
  • AltRose works for a temp agency owned by AltHugo.  Was this the case in LostTime?
  • Esau is trapped on the Island as a spirit.  He was betrayed and lost someone he loved.  He is stuck in Locke form, but can still change into the Monster.
  • AltLocke is a non-believer.  At least someone in this mirror universe is opposite.
  • So, Esau has a cave with everyone’s name, and a number from The Numbers assigned to each one.  VERY interesting.
  • Ben Linus, European History?  Very interesting profession for AltBen (I guess he came out on the boat.
  • Ah, its Jacob’s cave.  Jacob touched each person’s life, and figure they were part of the Numbers?  Nice of the show to show us exactly what they mean with the flashbacks.
  • Kate’s name isn’t in the cave.
  • They’re all eligible to be the next Jacob?  Interesting, but we all assumed Locke would take up that role in the end.
  • Sawyer has joined the dark side.  Figures.

7 thoughts on “LOST THOUGHTS: “The Substitute”

  1. shaun thought ghost boy was saying altlocke can’t kill sawyer…I think he meant jacob, but it would be interesting if sawyer turned out to be the keeper of the island. also, I assumed crossed out names meant those people were dead, but there are still living people whose names were crossed out. just because esau didn’t specifically point out kate’s name doesn’t mean it wasn’t written, does it? sawyer seemed really fake in this episode. not your best acting, josh…

  2. Dj

    I started watching season 1 again and found the 2nd episode to contain an interesting tidbit. Locke is showing Walt (what happened with him btw?) how to play Backgammon. he said “There are 2 sides…one light…one dark…” I found that interesting because in Jacob’s cave there was the scale with the black rock and the white rock and Esau threw, presumably, Jacob’s rock into the sea.

  3. yeah, before this season started, shaun and I watched the 1st and last episodes (including 2 or 3 part episodes) of every season. you’d be surprised how many connections you make just by doing that! there were hints about jacob and esau before they even got there, specifically the backgammon game.

  4. Mac

    First of all, Helen was never really a phone sex girl… You must review season two. Unless you’re just kiddin’ with us.

    Second, Cassandra! That is so funny! I listen to a lot of Lost related podcasts, and all they could say was how great they thought Josh Holloway’s acting was in this episode! I didn’t really notice one way or the other… I just love Emerson as Ben Linus. Brilliant idea to watch the front and backs of each season, BTW!

    Third, BEN FRIGGIN LINUS is alive in the Sideways! I LOVE this angle and I hope they explore it further. Shouldn’t he be dead, though? He was on the island when it exploded… or maybe there wasn’t an explosion… See, this all heralds back to my theory that the flash sidewayses are not what we think they are. I think the producers are steering us away from the term “Alternate Timeline” for a reason… I really think it’ll turn out that the sidewayses are due to some completely different phenomenon…

  5. Jimmy

    Yeah, pretty sure the ghost boy was saying AltLocke wasn’t allowed to kill Sawyer. Could Ghost boy be the new Jacob?
    Anybody watch Flash Forward? One of the dudes mentioned some theory about parallel universes where every alternate reality exists.
    BTW, are we going to learn about the sunken island from the opening of the season?

  6. chadwick

    well the incident happened AFTER sawyer’s parents died – so jacob would’ve still come to boy sawyer and give him the pen, thus pushing him to a life of con. But John got pushed out of abuilding after the incident, thus jacob couldn’t have come to see locke.

    “esau” is recruiting (said alpert) and he’s got sawyer to be his replacement. in esau’s list of options (1. be new jacob, 2. do nothing, 3. get off island) he failed to mention that there is a fourth. if esau wants off the island, there must be a new esau (i.e. sawyer).

    the black and white is cool – backgammon is good – what about the couple the losties found in the cave in season one? they had two rocks with them, white and black. and i think it was male and female (the boards call them Adam and eve [not steve]).

    anyone else disappointed that altlocke tore up jack’s card? i love ben as a teacher – “now there’s a gentleman’s drink!”

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