LOST THOUGHTS: “Lighthouse”

Live from the Fairfield Inn in Chesapeake, VA comes, without benefit of DVR or HD, LOST THOUGHTS!!!

  • AltJack is worried about his appendix scar for some reason.  And has a kid?!
  • Hugo sees Jacob in the Temple.  Why doesn’t he appear to someone less… Hugo?
  • Jacob wants Hugo to help someone find the Island.  Widmore perhaps?
  • AltJack has a rebellious teenage son who listens to rock music?  How original!  But where did he come from?  The actor looks a lot like Matthew Fox, that’s impressive.
  • ZombieSayid wants to know the truth.  Jack knows he can handle the truth!  Everyone wants to kill him, but how can you kill that which is already dead….
  • I told you that Claire = Rousseau, but no one listened!  Look at our jungle princess now!
  • AsianGuy is upset to hear that Hugo knows he’s a candidate, and Jacob is upset that Hugo can’t get Jack to work with him.  Poor Hugo…
  • Hugo knows how to push Jack’s buttons saying the secret passphrase “You have it in you”.  Jack has easy buttons.
  • Looks like RousseauClaire isn’t going to follow her spiritual mother’s footsteps and torture Jin for information.  But she is going to torture that one Other.  That’s more like it.
  • AltJack has to drive the ugliest car known to man.
  • AltJack is sober, that’s good.  Not having to go back to the Island will sober a man, I suppose.
  • Wow, AltChristian left AltClaire stuff in his will.  How thoughtful of him.
  • You know, even though she’s still after MY BABY, RousseauClaire is considerably more awesome than RegularClaire.
  • Wow, the caves.  It’s been so long!
  • AltJack’s Kid ran away.  Poor AltJack.  AltJack’s Kid is a musical prodigy and AltJack had no idea.  Poor AltJack.  I just like saying AltJack.  ALTJACK!
  • “Good times”.  I love Hugo.
  • Jack is broken and wanted the Island to fix him.  Too bad Jack can’t be more like AltJack.  ALTJACK!
  • Now how the HECK did we never see this lighthouse before?  Oh, Jack said that as I was typing it.  “We weren’t looking for it”.  Whatever.
  • Why didn’t Jin tell RousseauClaire that Kate took her baby before she started torturing the Other.  NOW look what she did.  She’s all kinds of crazy.  Is RousseauClaire going to be grateful that Kate got the baby off the Island?  Or blame her? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!
  • I’m guessing the lighthouse is figurative, or supernatural in that turning it on will allow those on the outside to find the Island.
  • We’re given an awful lot about AltJack in this episode.  Why does he have such a terrible relationship with his son?
  • HOLY BALLS.  AltAsianGuy!  My brain hurts.
  • The mirrors in the lighthouse have to be at 108 degrees.  The total of The Numbers.  Does each degree have a NAME on it?  IT DOES!  The numbers in the cave correspond with the numbers on the lighthouse, which corresponds with the Numbers.  THE NUMBERS ARE PEOPLE!
  • Now you’ve gone and done it, Jack.  Ruined our chances of getting answers because you couldn’t wait.  YOUR IMPATIENCE HAS DOOMED US ALL!
  • AltJack’s Kid is afraid of letting AltJack down.  Just like Christian never believed in Jack!  DRAMA!
  • Jacob doesn’t care that Hugo didn’t accomplish anything.  OK, Jack needs to figure out what he’s on the Island for.  How is he supposed to figure anything out from seeing his house in a mirror?
  • Why is Jin lying about Kate raising Aaron?  What on EARTH does he think he can accomplish with this?  Capturing RousseauClaire?  Why?
  • So RousseauClaire was upset at the idea of Kate raising Aaron.
  • Um, does RousseauClaire see Locke, or does she KNOW she’s been following the Smoke Monster this whole time?

By the way, anyone who says they can’t tell the difference between Standard Def and High Def is crazy.  Ugh, the fuzz….

9 thoughts on “LOST THOUGHTS: “Lighthouse”

  1. Dj

    I’m still awaiting the answers they keep promising.

    I have this drawing fear that this season will end with all the answers being rushed.

    1. doubleofive

      If every episode answers one question vaguely and asks a dozen more like this one does, then yes, the last episode will be Jacob, Ben, and Locke/Smokie sitting in a room drinking scotch and discussing what was really going on.

  2. i don’t know. i think it is answering stuff. jacob could see into each of their lives via the lighthouse, the people are the numbers as drew said, we’re revisiting adam & eve. i think we’re piecing more clues together, they just seem like more questions right now because we don’t have the solution to it yet. like the fact that we’re back at adam & eve in the caves again (remember how they had a black & a white stone with them originally…who stole them? i forget). did anyone else love hurley’s comment at adam & eve about what if they time traveled and adam and eve were really them?
    i really was confused at the end of this one on who is good and who is not. who does jacob want to summon? are the others good/bad? claire? locke/smokie? jack? sawyer?
    but so excited to watch it all sort out. i’m hoping that it will be confusing until the end when we get a couple of big pieces that make it all just click. that would be beautiful. i’m in no hurry. i just want the whole story as a whole to be awesome.

  3. josho

    Adam and Eve = Bernard and Rose from the 70’s or earlier?
    I loved seeing Hurley and Jack find Shannon’s inhaler answering George Garcia’s ComicCon Lost Panel question.

    1. doubleofive

      BERNARD AND ROSE! I always forget about them until they show up. I wonder if they were thrown forward in time along with everybody else?

      I missed the ComicCon stuff. What question?

  4. Dj

    So…weird thing happened today.

    I’m watching the last season of Star Trek The Next Generation and I watched 2 episodes tonight with 2 stars of Lost! Data’s mother is none other than Eloise Hawking, and Riker’s first commanding officer was John Locke! I was shocked!

  5. Mac

    Hurley see’s Jacob because he see’s dead people.

    I also wonder… Since everyone else was thrown forward in time, will we find Rose and Bernard back on the island again, too?

    Was Jacob actually summoning ANYONE? Or maybe it was just a ploy to get Jack to the Lighthouse. Or… could he have been summoning… DESMOND?!

  6. Mac

    And perhaps… is Desmond’s number 108?!

    Was anyone else aware that this was the 108th episode? As such, the producers brought in the “Big Three” for this episode. Written by Darlton, Directed by Jack Bender. They intended this to be an important episode.

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