When I went to bed around midnight, I didn’t know what to think.  A six year journey, come to an end.  Six years of mysteries left unanswered.  In “The End”, all that really matters was the characters.

I’m not going to recap the episode, I’m going to try to place my sleepless night into words.

It wasn’t the ending I thought I wanted.  I wanted answers.  I wanted a revelation so big that it made me want to find the first season again and watch it with new eyes, finally able to understand that which I couldn’t.  But that wasn’t what “The End” was about.  It was about reunions and happily forever afters.

Up until the last minute, they had me thinking that what I thought was Alt2004 was an alternate reality which was their happily ever afters.  Until Jack’s dad appeared and undid the entire flash-sideways concept by basically saying that it was a construct built by the Losties so they could find each other after they died.  Not what I expected or wanted.

But all I can think about is the reunion in the church.  Everyone together, everyone happy.  Then I realized that time travel, magic, belief, that’s not what the show was about.  It was about these characters and the crash that changed all of their lives forever.  I was too caught up in the sci-fi parts and trying to figure out the mysteries that I missed the Big Picture.  And I think I have been the whole time.

Sure none of the series is any clearer in the light of the finale.  In fact, half of this final season added up to nothing due to the fact that the flash-sideways wasn’t meant to show us that they were always meant to be together.  But the characters have come full circle and get what they deserved in the end, after years of separation: they get to be together.

Does it make me want to watch the entire series again?  No.  Would I even suggest to people that they watch the series if they hadn’t yet?  Not really.  This probably isn’t the result that ABC wanted, but it seems like the writers were just here to give us a ride, and what a ride it was.

No ending could have done everything we more sci-fi oriented people wanted.  We were so focused on the mysteries, and I believe that was supposed to be part of the journey.  The discussions, the arguments, the revelations, I wouldn’t give any of them up for anything.  Talking with you people about the show was the best part about it.  And that’s what I think I’ll miss the most.  Finding out the Locke was in a wheelchair, opening the Hatch, finding out that there were flash-forwards now were some great moments of television.  But talking about it made LOST what it was.

An experience.

4 thoughts on “LOST THOUGHTS: “The End”

  1. Dj

    I had a friend that summed it up perfectly. You start to write a story, and you get so tired of writing that you finish it up as quickly as you can. When you compare the first 3 seasons to the last 2, you quickly notice that they really had no idea where they were going. Oh sure they leave you to believe they do at the beginning but as we found out last night they just got tired of writing.

    Drew I understand what you wrote above, but I have to respectfully disagree. One could easily apply the same thought process to George Lucas and his remakes and prequel theology. I just think it’s a cop out and we were suckered into a mediocre 2nd half of a series.

    I’m not so hung up on the answers as I am about the lack of good story telling.

  2. Cassandra

    as much as I enjoyed the sci-fi part of it all, to me, it was always about the characters and their journey as individuals and as a collective whole. the only reason I kept watching it through all the insane sci-fi mytholigical twists and turns and utter ridiculousness was to find out what would happen to our characters. would they be okay? would they be reunited? would true love conquer all? so, as you may imagine, it was the most absolute perfect ending for me. I don’t want to say I-told-you-so or assume I had some superior understanding of our storytellers, but it ended exactly as I hoped and -at the same time- completely unimaginable by me.

    your post -while sadly tainted with your personal disappointment- proves to me that you really did “get it”. and I couldn’t agree with you more on the fact that the best part of it all was how it brought us viewers together. when the option to send in a text came up, I almost (and regrettably didn’t) sent this: thank you, LOST, for helping two young married couples bond. because, corny as it may sound, whenever I think of LOST, I will think of you and dayle, and all those wednesday nights together.

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