Star Wars on Blu-ray

Today Lucasfilm officially announced the Blu-rays of Star Wars, and had a trailer to show how awesome it looked.

Or not.  Its the same transfer as the DVD, every flaw right out in the open here on the trailer.

They’ve had 6 years to fix this kind of stuff back (this one is a brightness adjustment!), but it looks like they haven’t touched it.  Lazy Lucas, was Lazy.

AUGUST 2011 UPDATE: Looks like this has been fixed for the final release, along with several other things. There are still many glaring mistakes however.

From Star Wars 2011 Changes

3 thoughts on “Star Wars on Blu-ray

  1. doubleofive

    To be fair, it IS possible that they just haven’t worked on the OT yet, but they’ve had over 6 years, if they haven’t done it by now, are they going to do it in the next 6 months? And if the trailer here is using old footage, why do that, or at least pick footage for the trailer you’ve already redone, if they’re redoing them at all.

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