FanFiltration’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture Edit Blueprints

Mockup poster by doubleofive

This project was cancelled some time ago. I believe the offer is open for anyone to complete this project.

FanFiltration, the editor that made a popular Dune fanedit, a corrected “Chronological” Godfather edit, and a recreation of the Special Longer Version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture using all of the available footage, has finally begun work on his own fan edit of The Motion Picture.  Here you will find the plans, ideas, and suggestions by FanFiltration and the members of

The thread

FanFiltration’s Mission Statement (February 2010):

I say we re-fit the sucker from top to bottom if possible (even if it takes 18 months). If we rush it, it will look that way. But I am willing to put my heart into this. It’s something I always wanted to do, and as I was doing the Special Longer Version I kept having ideas for a new version. This needs to be radically different then the directors vision. The core story will have to be left much the same, but how we get that plot told is open for any creative changes. I have yet to see the Adywan versions, but from what I have read about them, that is the direction I think we should take.  I just got some new software (Adobe CS4), and would like to train up on it with this project. My friend is all up for doing some radical effects too. We don’t want campy or jarring, we want classy and respectful.

FanFiltration Outline:

  1. Prologue: T.V. Show footage edited to look like Enterprise returning from five year mission.
  2. Main Titles: White on black main titles (from theatrical cut), inter-cut with shots of the Enterprise in space dockyard. No shots of Kirk or Scotty in travel pod included here.
  3. V’ger Cloud: Heavy edit of Klingon attack. Attack now on only one Klingon ship, Epsilon-9 section is edited, no Spock on Vulcan scene follows.
  4. San Francisco:Shot of Air Tram flying next to Golden Gate Bridge on way to Starfleet in San Francisco, Tram station scene is removed, shot of Star Fleet Hq lifted from ST:IV inserted here, Kirk and group (from rec deck scene) now view transmission from Epsilon-9 of Klingon being zapped. The attack on Epsilon-9 section is not shown here.
  5. Space Dockyard: Kirk beams to orbital office complex, ride to Enterprise (heavy edit)
  6. Kirk meets with Decker in Engine Room, Officers beam aboard (Ilia, McCoy). Decker protests about using warp drive, as Spock walks on Bridge. Spock goes to Engine Room to work with Scotty, Ship leaves drydock, Warp drive works, Enterprise heads to Epsilon 9… The transporter accident is cut, but the wormhold scene remains.
  7. Spock, McCoy and Kirk talk in lounge. We have a flashback to Spock on Vulcan sensing V’ger and his failing the Kolinahr test. Shots of the Cloud and spock seeing Kirk on the Air-tram in San Francisco may be intertwined with this footage. That is how it plays out in the book. The Vulcan priest scans Spock’s mind and sees visions of V’ger, and of Kirk, it’s these visions in Spock’s mind that makes her drop the costume jewelry on the ground. Then, we fade back into the scene with Spock talking to Kirk and McCoy in the lounge…
  8. RED ALERT! The Enterprise on rout to Epsilon-9 gets a distress call from the station, and the Epsilon-9 vs. V’ger footage that was part of the rec deck scene, will now play out on the Enterprise bridge view screen.  Epsilon-9 is digitized.
  9. Enterprise arrives at V’ger. Seconds later 3 Klingon ships arrive. Klingons attack Enterprise and V’ger. Enterprise does not attack back at Klingons, but V’ger gets Klingons. Then, V’ger attacks enterprise.

FanFiltration Plans:

  • Use footage of the Original Enterprise (Remastered) entering orbit around Earth (from “Tomorrow is Yesterday” or “Assignment: Earth”) and shots from the Original Series of the crew leaving the ship during the prologue.  Possibility of using a new model of the Enterprise.
    (doubleofive video mockup)
  • Main credits interspersed with the shots of the Refit Enterprise in drydock (eliminating the drydock tour scene in the movie).
  • Removing the San Francisco tram station scene (perhaps leaving in the approach)
  • Adding a caption to the orbital dockyard office complex to introduce the audience to Earth.  Kirk and Scotty will enter the travel pod, but the scene will end soon after Kirk and Scotty’s conversation.
    (FanFiltration video mockup)
  • Ilia is on this ship already as a crew member (remove most of her introduction, but not all of it), and cut all reference to her sex powers and oath of celibacy. Ilia can meet up in the hallway with Decker just after the Engine Room scene (in which he is demoted) and not after he gets chewed out about not following Kirk’s phaser order, in the now deleted Wormhole scene.
  • Moving the Klingon Battle with V’ger to later in the film and become a 3-way conflict between V’ger, Enterprise, and the Klingons.
    (doubleofive mockup)
  • Trying to remove most of the technical problems with the refit process (removing the warp wormhole scene, the exploding console in Engineering, etc.)
  • Possibly no transporter accident.
  • Spock will arrive after Ilia and McCoy before they leave Earth’s orbit, as if he was beamed aboard at the last moment after it was fixed.
  • Spock on Vulcan will be part of a flashback during the Observation Lounge scene.
  • Trimming the Enterprise’s entrance into V’ger.
  • Adding a picture of the Star Trek Enterprise Enterprise to the Rec Deck wall.
    (doubleofive mockup)
  • Possible inclusion of a new scene where V’ger meets up with a Reliant class ship and digitizes it. “This I hope will Introduce more of a threat to Earth as well as explain why the re-fit Enterprise is now the only ship to be in Interception range.  This attack scene needs to come second, as V’ger would not enter Federation space and then go into Klingon space, then return to Federation space.  But I think the Klingons would cross the Neutral Zone to seek an attack on V’ger, as an act of Klingon vengeance. I will try to use shots of the USS Reliant from Star Trek II, and the disabled Reliant class ship from Trek IV. And, make it all from outside the ship perspective. I don’t have any bridge shots I could use.”

Contributor Suggestions:

  • Come up with a new title.
    (doubleofive mockups)
  • Fix the common movie mistakes.
  • Use some of DarenDoc’s original ideas for some DE fixes.
  • Have a written prologue explaining the time passed between the series and the movie.
  • Partially refit the Enterprise in the prologue as it comes to be fully refit.
    (Bingowings mockup)

    (Partially refit Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II Enterprise by Daren Dochterman)

    (“TOS.5” Enterprise by douglas e. graves)
  • Change the color scheme of the Original Series bridge to show that it has been partially refit as well.
    (Bingowings mockup)
  • Have the Original Series bridge lights off or have them power down as Kirk leaves.
  • Add moving graphics to the Original Series bridge, maybe a graphic timer counting down to to shutdown of systems.
  • Create a new Klingon attack opening scene using shots from “Enterprise”
    (Johnny Ringo video mockup)
  • Reduce matte lines
    (Johnny Ringo mockups)
  • Fix the sometimes off colors.
    (JohnnyRingo mockups)

    (doubleofive mockups)

  • Enhance Spock’s weeping for V’ger to make it more obvious.
  • Have someone mention Nomad, since the crew has experience something almost exactly like this before and it seems odd that they wouldn’t say anything about it.
  • Trim the “it fell into what they used to call a black hole” line to just “it fell into a black hole.”
  • Redo the transporter effects to either be like the rest of the TOS movies or a transition between the series and the rest of the movies.
    (doubleofive mockups)

    (Johnny Ringo mockup)
  • Make the deflector dish consistently blue to match the rest of the TOS movies.
    (Johnny Ringo mockup)

    (doubleofive mockup)
  • Put a few frames of the Borg into Spock’s mindmeld with V’ger to connect the “machine planet” with the Borg (an idea from multiple quasi-canon sources).
  • Add some personal effects to Decker’s (now Kirk’s) Quarters, perhaps a picture of a younger Decker (from All The President’s Men?) and his father, Commodore Decker from “The Doomsday Machine” (an idea from multiple quasi-canon sources).
    (doubleofive mockups)

    (Bingowings mockups)