OriginalTrilogy.com’s RotJ Fanedit Wishlist

Video mock-ups by Davnes007 unless noted

Italics: Adywan has confirmed considering this for Revisited.
Strikethrough: Adywan has denied ever doing this for Revisited.


  1. Color correction throughout / enhance details currently in darkness.
  2. Consider the more radical re-edits to the entire movie (RotJ: Fan-O-Matic)
  3. Try to fix some of the “movie mistakes” commonly found.
  4. Consider moving the action to Coruscant and one of its moons (probably impossible). (Cade Skywalker)
  5. Remove Boba Fett from the film.
  6. Thin the “fat” lightsaber blades / bad saber effects.
  7. Try to reframe several of the centered/clumped shots present in the movie.
  8. Try to weave the droids motif from the ESB score into the score for ROTJ, the other characters get themes but this little motif for the droids only got one airing.


  1. Change the opening crawl to something more dramatic than “Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba The Hutt” (Bingowings)
  2. Add evidence of construction vehicles working on the Death Star, maybe even as just hints of movement around the incomplete side.
  3. Replace the shot of the Star Destroyer going overhead with a shot of the shuttle coming from the Executor. (doubleofive)
  4. Replace the shot of the Star Destroyer going overhead with a shot of the Executor being dwarfed by the Death Star II (like the Executor reveal in ESB). (animation by EyeShotFirst)
  5. Make more dynamic shots to show the vastness of the DS2.
  6. Enhance DS displays.
  7. Fix the stripes on the sides of Vader’s shuttle approaching to match the landed shuttle matte. (See this post for stripe problems)
  8. Replace the centered shot of Vader’s shuttle landing with the shot from ESB:SE.
  9. Make the control room for Vader’s docking bay match the control room from ANH.
  10. Make the floor glossy as Vader is leaving to reflect the gloss in the establishing shot.
  11. Move Yoda’s death to before Tatooine and have Luke talk to Obi-wan in his hut. (Bingowings)


  1. Enhance the Jabba’s Palace matte.
  2. Alter the door droid to be more menacing.
  3. Add scan beams for the door droid. (Bingowings)
  4. Change the main entrance to keep more mystery about the Palace.
  5. Remove line pulling R2 away from the guard. (original image)
  6. Remove the light reflecting through R2’s “eye” socket.
  7. Change Jawa eyes to match ANH.
  8. Add Garindan to Jabba’s Court.
  9. Add Mara Jade (from the EU) to Jabba’s Palace.
  10. “Cantina”-ize Jabba’s speech and expressions.
  11. “Cantina”-ize other aliens in the Palace.
  12. Add some more light in the Palace. (2nd row is zoomed)
  13. Make Bib Fortuna’s tentacles move occasionally.
  14. Remove Greedo’s dialog from the background noise in Jabba’s Palace.
  15. Remove 3PO’s line of “Look, it’s Captain Solo and he’s still frozen in Carbonite!”
  16. Correct Luke’s hologram so his lightsaber doesn’t switch sides.
  17. Cut down on Salacious Crumb’s laughter.
  18. Cut/shorten the Droid Torture scene.
  19. Remove Jedi Rocks.
  20. Restore Lapti Nek.
  21. Replace both versions of the music with something more like Arabic dancing with new dancers. (Bingowings)
  22. Remove Fett flirting with the dancer.
  23. Create a hybrid Sy Snootles between the CGI and the puppet version.
  24. Remove Sy Snootles and the CGI band all together and replace them with more exotic dancers.
  25. Move the dance routine so it happens as Threepio and R2 arrive and swap their first view of Jabba so that Boussh arrives without any fight so he seems more like just another bounty hunter doing business.
  26. Fix the flipped shots of Fett.
  27. Change Boushh’s dialog to be a more “realistic” language.
  28. Mix up Jabba’s minion’s reaction to Boushh’s thermal detenator so Fett isn’t the only one who pulls out his gun.
  29. Cut Lando pulling his mask down after he hits his head on the low ceiling.
  30. Remove Lando hitting his head on the low ceiling.
  31. Remove the belch from the creature outside Jabba’s Palace.
  32. Replace the belching creature shot with something grander.
  33. Have Fett leave Jabba’s Palace before Han is revived (implying he is aiding Leia in the rescue) and deliver the location of the Death Star and Palpatine to the Rebels but secretly also be working for Vader. (video mock-up)
  34. Enhance the carbonite thawing process. (DuTwan first)
  35. Add Han’s restraints when he is unfrozen.
  36. Remove Han’s scene with Chewie in the dungeons.
  37. (If removing Fett) cover Fett with another character in this shot, perhaps the spy from ANH. (Bingowings)
  38. Replace the brightness outside Jabba’s Palace as Luke enters.
  39. Remove Luke using Force Choke on the guards.
  40. Don’t have Luke raise his hand to Force Choke the guards.
  41. Make Salacious Crumb more creepy by giving him reflective eyes.
  42. Change Jabba’s subtitles to be more in line with the comic adaptation which implies he had prior experience of killing Jedi.
  43. Have Luke pulled into the Rancor pit as his Jedi sense would detect the trap.
  44. Add more dramatic lighting and smoke to the Rancor pit.
  45. Add something like cat’s eyes to the Rancor.
  46. Have one of the guards shoot at Luke when he tries to leave the Rancor Pit.
  47. Make the gate Luke tries to leave the Rancor Pit electrified.
  48. Have Luke use Force Push to close the door on the Rancor instead of throwing the skull.
  49. Have the door come down harder on the Rancor, perhaps through the Force.
  50. Have the Rancor bleed.
  51. Cut the Rancor Keeper’s mourning.
  52. Remove SE Bantha herd.
  53. Possibly have the Sarlacc be near the starting line of the Mos Espa arena from Episode I for a more public execution (maybe even having them start cheering for Luke!).
  54. Replace/enhance Yuma backgrounds to be more Dune Sea-ish.
  55. Try to do something about the numerous shadow changes during the outdoor scenes. (Original shots)
  56. Add bigger sails to barges.
  57. Add sails to skiffs.
  58. Give some eyes to the Weequay.
  59. Make blades bladier.
  60. Fix bad green screen effects on the actors.
  61. Edit shots to show the Sail Barge floating.
  62. Restore OUT Sarlacc.
  63. Add more menancing sounds to the SE Sarlacc.
  64. Enlarge and deepen the OUT Sarlacc and add more teeth, crab claws and longer tentacles.
  65. Remove cars/fence from shots (original image):
  66. Fix jump cut as R2’s panel comes open and the lightsaber pops up.
  67. Add the knob to the top of the emitter to the saber that comes out of R2.
  68. Shorten the amount of time Luke has his hand in the air waiting for his lightsaber.
  69. “Restore” Luke’s lightsaber to the preproduction blue. (video mock-up)
  70. Replace the Tusken Raider sounds the Weequay henchmen make.
  71. Fix mistake of Fett’s gun being cut before the saber hits it. (original animation)
  72. Fix on again / off again lightsaber.
  73. Fix misplaced saber blades.
  74. Make it so Luke’s lightsaber leaves slash marks on Jabba’s crew (or worse).
  75. Alter AOTC footage to have Fett use his flame thrower.
  76. Remove/replace the scream as Fett spirals out of control.
  77. Make it so Han deliberately hits or shoots Fett using shots from later in the movie.
  78. Make it so Luke beheads Fett.
  79. Make it so Luke deflects a bolt at Fett which sets off his backpack.
  80. Fix Fett’s jetpack as they come out at the wrong angle currently.
  81. Have Fett shoot at the Sarlacc as he falls into it.
  82. Add a shot of Fett crawling/flying out of the Sarlacc.
  83. Fix it so Luke actually kicks the guard while Fett flies out of control in the background. (video mock-up) (doubleofive static)

    Original animation:
  84. Restore Han’s “Trust me” line.
  85. Stabilize the railing Luke jumps off of to climb up the Sail Barge.
  86. Make it so Luke doesn’t have his hand straight up in the air to get shot.
  87. Remove Luke’s hand damage from before he gets shot.
  88. Change R2’s prod to have more PT effects.
  89. Have R2 use his PT jets to escape the barge and remove the comedy magnet lift droid legs.
  90. Have Jabba’s barge tip up and snap in half while it explodes as in Titanic. (video mock-up)
  91. Attempt to restore the deleted Sandstorm scene and remove the ship-to-ship conversation.
  92. Have the Falcon and Luke escape from lurking Star Destroyers as they escape Tatooine.
  93. Add the twin suns in space as the heroes leave Tattooine (like in TPM and ANH:R)


  1. “Cantina”-ize Yoda.
  2. Do something about Yoda’s obvious rubber hand during his death scene.
  3. Alter Yoda’s repeat of “Once you start down the dark path…” to “Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not” from ROTS.
  4. Shorten Yoda’s dying words so they are less drawn out.
  5. Tweak/cut Yoda’s disappearance.
  6. Recolor the blue Force Ghosts to prevent confusion with blue holograms.
  7. No Luke/Leia relation.

Rebel Fleet:

  1. Show Sullust that the fleet is massing near. (Bingowings)
  2. Have Boba Fett be the one to deliver the information to the Rebellion. (video mock-up)
  3. Expand Rebel Briefing Room set. (Bingowings)
  4. Remove the Medical Droid from the briefing.
  5. Add Wookiees to briefing. (Bingowings)
  6. Add some “signature” pilots who can die in the main battle and we’ll feel like we’ve seen them before (perhaps a female pilot or an alien).
  7. Add Doddona and Rieekan to the briefing so it doesn’t look like the Rebels change leadership every movie. (Bingowings)
  8. Adjust some of the shots of Mon Mothma so she doesn’t look so terrified during the briefing and re-use the originals during the battle where it makes more sense for her to look so worried.
  9. Remove the watch from the pilot sitting behind Wedge.
  10. Enhance holograms to be closer to the PT and darken the room. (DuTwan)

  11. Add some lights under the seats the come up as the house lights go down.
  12. Recut Rebel Briefing.
  13. Shorten/cut the huggy Luke and Co. reunion (“I’m with you too” and on).
  14. Different Shuttle Class for Tydyrium making it a more obvious transport.
  15. Replace matte painting of Rebel docking bay.

Forest Moon of Endor:

  1. Add Endor so that the Forest Moon is actually a moon of something. (video mock-up)
  2. Make it dark while Vader reports to the Emperor (to prepare for the Rebels arriving at sunrise).
  3. Enhance the Executor bridge to match ESB.
  4. Create new Executor bridge shots.
  5. Fix all of the bad/wrong sets/backgrounds used in RotJ’s Executor.
  6. Replace the somewhat model-y Executor external bridge section.
  7. Make it so the Rebels arrive at sunrise. (video mock-up)
  8. Create new moon surface mattes.
  9. Add some evidence that there is life on the Moon (idols, carvings). (Bingowings)
  10. Change Ewoks to Wookiees.
  11. Complete removal of Ewoks.
  12. “Cantina”-ize the Ewoks.
  13. Add more Ewok elements pulled from the Ewok movies.
  14. Add some cliff dwellings from The Time Machine as Ewok homes or use some of the Elf village in Fellowship of the Ring.
  15. Teebo take two stabs at Han when the heroes first meet the Ewoks. It might have more impact and reduce the comedic feel if the two stabs were condensed into one, which Han just manages to grab in time.
  16. Add a waterfall to the area behind the Imperial landing platform for scenery and “that the Empire would use them for power generation and it would provide Vader with an uncomfortable reminder of Naboo when he meets Luke at the platform.” (Bingowings)
  17. Change the landing platform mattes and model shots.
  18. Add 3PO’s line “I believe they are called… Ewoks” from the Radio Drama.
  19. Add some camouflage to some of the Imperial troops. (Custom figures by Owenscustoms.com)
  20. Add more mood to the forest.
  21. Have Chewie miss more obviously with his bowcaster (and possibly change the color to green to match the PT).
  22. The scout trooper who’s calling for help after knocking over Han is losing his mask, you can even see his face. (DVD image)
  23. Remove the helmet of the trooper as he’s about to tackle Han as he’s not being very sneaky and comes on screen far too early. (DVD image)
  24. Stabilize the speeder bikes during the chase.
  25. Remove matte lines/bad mattes during the chase. (DVD image)
  26. During the chase a laserbolt hits a tree but nothing happens.
  27. The trooper bikes seem to fly in perfect formation a bit too much. They should be broken up. (DVD image)
  28. An explosion from a speederbike that got hit can be seen through the tree that blocks it from the camera momentarily and it even separates from the speederbike after the tree passes! (DVD images)
  29. Adjust the scene so it looks like the Scout pushes Luke off of his speeder bike.
  30. Have there be some evidence in the background of the Ewoks worshiping a 3PO-looking god. (Bingowings)
  31. Make the Ewoks seem more threatening by having a pile of broken stormtrooper armor added in the background of the village.
  32. Make Logray (the Ewok medicine man) only have one eye. “He’s only in a handful of shots, and one cloudy eye makes him seem older, wiser, tougher, and more interesting.”
  33. Make 3PO’s flying chair scene more scary, so the Ewoks don’t just freak out about a floating droid. (Bingowings)
  34. Maybe have R2 help tell the Story of Star Wars to the Ewoks through holograms.
  35. Remove Leia remembering her mother, her real mother.
  36. Change it so Leia mentions that her memories are based on Senate recordings.
  37. Have Leia give Luke a holographic locket of Padme. (Bingowings)
  38. Fix the AT-AT head seen from the bridge to be facing a logical direction.
  39. Flip Vader’s chestplate as he examines Luke’s lightsaber.
  40. Have Vader open Luke’s lightsaber to check its construction (perhaps using the prop from the deleted building scene). (Axia)
  41. Change Vader’s line of “Obi-wan once thought as you do” to “Your mother once thought as you do”.
  42. If this is Vader’s shuttle leaving at the bottom, it moved, or it should be replaced with whatever type of shuttle Tydyrium should be to show that Vader didn’t sit with Luke in his shuttle for a few hours. (DVD images)
  43. Cut Teebo’s Speeder Bike Adventure.
  44. Add dialog to make it seem like the Rebels have people on the inside already to help out.
  45. Add more Imperial laser fire as the Ewoks attack.
  46. Add battle droids fighting alongside the Imperials.
  47. Have some of the Imperial troops have bigger guns.
  48. Show the Trooper armour actually deflecting some shots.
  49. Give the Ewoks some shields and other tribal weapons. (DuTwan)
  50. Add some gore to the Ewoks attacking. (Custom diorama by Owenscustoms.com)
  51. Add AT-AT to ground battle (pehaps using deforestation weapons).
  52. Add TIE bombers attacking from the air (leaving from a hanger on the other side of the base or from the landing platform) have R2 program the base defenses to shoot them down. (Bingowings)
  53. Start a forest fire in the background. (Bingowings)
  54. Cut Chewie’s Tarzan yell.
  55. Enhance AT-ST cockpit.
  56. Enhance AT-ST explosion that is crushed between the two logs. (DuTwan)
  57. Enhance AT-ST explosion that is shot by Chewie’s AT-ST.
  58. Remove the matte lines around the Rebel troops.
  59. Fix the locking system that changes between shots and add an animation of it locking.
  60. Remove the stormtroopers and guards constantly saying “Freeze!”
  61. Fix the bad perspective on the shield generator interior.
  62. Enhance the screen in the Shield Generator.
  63. Remove Harrison Ford’s reflection from safety glass as he runs from the bunker.
  64. The shield generator explosion is huge and looks like it would probably wipe out everyone in the area.

Death Star Attack:

  1. When the Rebel fleet jump to hyperspace they don’t jump to the same vanishing point (though they are all going to the same place).
  2. Enhance Rebel approach to include the Planet Endor. (video mock-up)
  3. Add different Death Star angles rather than the usual head-on one.
  4. Add the Sanctuary Moon to battle shots (like Yavin in ANHR). (video mock-up)
  5. Restore two Death Stars concept (See posts starting here).
  6. Have the DS2 have two superlasers (or maybe a smaller laser for ships).
  7. Add Rebel fighters crashing into the DS shield (maybe Y-Wings as they are older and slower). (video mock-up)
  8. Make the Space Battle much more epic.
  9. Show Imperial and Rebel ships locking missiles onto targets and showing the missiles in flight before hitting their targets.
  10. Have the Falcon fire in more directions than just straight ahead.
  11. “A re-done or brand new Falcon sequence could be similar to the opening of ROTS, with the camera following the Falcon similar to how it followed the Jedi Starfighters… and the top and bottom guns could be firing in all directions, taking out everything within radius….” – oh_riginal
  12. More fighters overall (B-wings and A-wings especially).
  13. Add more activity to the control center of Home One during the battle.
  14. Change Home One‘s hologram to show the more than just the Death Star (make it represent sections of the entire battle).
  15. Re-use the gunner room from ANH (the scene where they don’t shoot the escape pod) to show Imperials targeting Rebel Fighters (since the gun looks too small for the capital ships). (Bingowings)
  16. Add new shots of Rebels firing turbolasers much like the shots in ANH and RotS. (Darth Chronus)
  17. Fix garbage spots in “one of the battle shots” where ships were not added.
  18. The officer who says that the Executor is in position has the wrong background for the direction he’s facing and doesn’t have a rank insignia.
  19. Just before Lando says “Yes, I said closer”, some of the background ships don’t tilt with the rest of the shot.
  20. Remove green matte boxes around ships.
  21. Remove/replace some of the copy/paste capital ships.
  22. Have Rebel fire ships ramming Imperial ships during the battle.
  23. Add more laser fire as the capital ships should be pounding on one another (a la the RotS opening).
  24. Fix the scaling issues present in several of the space shots. (savmagoett)
  25. Replace the fliped shot of the Gunners shielding their eyes from ANH
  26. Replace all of the reused takes from ANH of the gunners firing. (DVD Images)
  27. Shrink the existing Gunners to make the laser seem much bigger. (video mock-up – oh_riginal)
  28. Enhance the DS laser.
  29. Fix the glow so the DS laser doesn’t show on the dish before the beam comes out.
  30. Remove the giggling Rebel on the Falcon just after the first Rebel ship is destroyed by the Death Star. (DVD image)
  31. Have the DS laser strafe a little to hit more than one ship at a time.
  32. Have the DS laser hit some Imperial ships after they go closer together.
  33. Have Piett get upset at the Emperor destroying his own ships and attack the DS.
  34. Add shots of Rebel capital ships attacking the surface of the DS (Original storyboard)
  35. Better end to the Executor (Have Piett crash it into the DS deliberately; Have dozens of Rebel ships kamikaze into it; After it is crashing towards the surface, have it hit other ships on its way down).
  36. Enhance the bad set as the Executor bridge is hit.
  37. Add a ripple wave as the Executor hits the station surface, like the helicopter in The Matrix.
  38. Add shots of the gunner stations on the DS (from ANH)
  39. Redub the Rebel pilot line: “Copy, Gold Leader”.
  40. Have the Falcon more damaged on the way in than just losing the dish, adding tension by having a fire onboard seen through the doors.
  41. Enhance the interior structure of the DS2 to give it some more texture/depth/dynamics.
  42. Make the walls of the reactor chamber spin like the inside of a turbine so that the whole space is part of the reactor not just the bit in the middle adding an extra obsticle to navigate on the way out (the gap in the blades)
  43. Add walkers or turrets or something to make the reactor chamber more dangerous.
  44. Kill Lando, blow up the Falcon. Justify Han’s feeling like he’s “never going to see her again.”
  45. Have Jejerrod target the forest moon when the shield goes down adding an ANH style countdown to the final moments (also in the novelization).
  46. Remove ring from DS explosion.
  47. Enhance DS explosion to have it break apart. (video mock-up 1 and video mock-up 2)

Death Star Interior – Luke/Vader Duel:

  1. Enhance the dark gray/blue stripe so it’s visible in the matte of the landed shuttle. (on-set photo)
  2. Add a red stripe to the matte of the landed shuttle. (Bingowings)
  3. Replace/enhance cardboard troopers during the Emperor’s arrival.
  4. Replace the Emperor’s advisers with Nemoidians. (DuTwan)
  5. Have the Imperial guard do more guarding (possibly part restoring the Vader choke scene by having him choke a guard instead of Jejerrod). (EyeShotFirst parody)
  6. Move the Throne Room from the easy target of a tower to something a bit different.
  7. Move the Throne Room to the center of the firing dish.
  8. Have the Emperor’s Throne Room actually be a mobile platform that docks with a building in Coruscant/the tower on the DS2, essentially taking his palace with him. (bingowings left, Monroville right)
  9. Have the Throne Room look a bit more interesting (Menacing, Luxurious, different colour scheme etc).
  10. Have views of the DS surface from the Throne Room.
  11. Have views of Endor/Forest Moon from the Throne Room. (Bingowings)
  12. Add the other areas visible out the windows of the Throne Room.
  13. Close the open shafts in the Throne Room, having Vader or Luke Force Throw them off at some point.
  14. Add a sun into the background to shine through the throne room windows.
  15. Give the Emperor something else to look at while he stares out the window, like the holograms he looks at in RotS.
  16. A bit too much has changed in the quick cut to Vader in this shot; colors, shadows. (DVD images)
  17. Give Jerjerrod a control room like (or different from) Tarkin’s in ANH.
  18. Enhance the Emperor’s face to give him better lighting and look more menacing/evil.
  19. Add electricity to have Luke’s binders be more like Palpatine’s in RotS.
  20. Remove what looks like Vader behind the Emperor when the lightsabers clash in front of his face.
  21. Move the exterior battle closer to the Throne Room window (a la the RotS opening).
  22. Remove/soften the more obvious lightsaber blade shadows.
  23. Fix large black matte that covers the ceiling of the Throne Room as Vader is kicked down the stairs.
  24. Fix large black matte that covers half the screen when Vader is kicked down the stars.
  25. When Vader misses Luke with his lightsaber, have the piece he hits fall over (can be done in 2D). (video mock up – Darth Chronus)
  26. Show the end of Luke’s lightsaber turning off after he lands on the catwalk.
  27. Fix the bad join where the breakaway catwalk is.
  28. Fix Vader’s blade coming out the wrong end of his saber as he throws it to cut the catwalk.
  29. Remove the controlled explosives from the ceiling and have the other supports break from the weight.
  30. Remove Luke’s lightsaber from Vader’s hand while Luke is hiding.
  31. Edit Vader’s dialog to hiding Luke to remove some “cheesy” lines.
  32. Add Luke pulling his lightsaber out of Vader’s hand after he is done hiding.
  33. Add Sith eyes while Luke is beating Vader.
  34. Cut some of Luke’s angry hits on Vader while he’s down.
  35. Fix the bad perspective on the shaft matte in this shot.
  36. Fix the fake-looking fake arm on Vader while Luke is beating him.
  37. Enhance Vader’s hand/stump to be less wiry.
  38. Fix the split saber while Luke stares at his hand. (DuTwan)
  39. Add more Sith Lightning.
  40. Enhance the Sith Lightning to be more like the ones from the Prequels.
  41. Have the Force Ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda try to protect Luke from the Sith Lightning, like a shield.
  42. Tighten up Vader’s hesitation to save Luke from the Emperor.
  43. Add Qui Gon voiceover to Vader’s hesitation to imply that Qui Gon passes his secrets of Jedi Ghosthood to Anakin.
  44. Add flashbacks to Vader’s hesitation of Padme, his mother, Qui Gon, etc.
  45. Add a shot of Padme’s Japor Snippet or a hololocket of Padme falling to the floor as Luke is getting zapped.
  46. Add a shot of Padme’s Japor Snippet falling to the floor as Vader is dying.
  47. Have the Emperor laugh like the madman he is as he falls into the shaft.
  48. Have the Emperor’s lightning act more like claws trying to stop him from falling.
  49. Replace the shaft matte painting with a model or better matte. (Bingowings)
  50. Follow the Emperor down the shaft, like the opening to The Two Towers.
  51. Have the Emperor facing up as he falls. (Bingowings)
  52. Fix saber on/off issues.
  53. Give unmasked Anakin some more scarring.
  54. Restore Sebastian Shaw’s eyebrows to the unmasking scene.
  55. Fix the transition from Sebastian Shaw’s face to the bald cap he wears.
  56. Add the helmet chin piece that is present in all other shots except for the last one.


  1. Make the Death Star leave debris in orbit after the big explosion, even with two or three bigger sections intact, something like what happens to the Moon in The Time Machine.
  2. Replace shot of forest after Han and Leia kiss with sunset.
  3. Fix Luke’s lazy eye as he looks at the funeral pyre.
  4. Add Leia viewing the funeral pyre.
  5. Remove Vader’s helmet on the pyre.
  6. Fix Luke’s painted-on glove in the long shot of the pyre.
  7. Replace the fireworks at the celebration with small debris pieces that fall through Endor’s atmosphere, burning and making shoot stars.
  8. Remove SE celebrations.
  9. Move SE celebrations to appear during the credits. (video mock-up)
  10. Make the SE celebrations make sense happening so soon after the Emperor’s death.
  11. Make the celebrations progress as if they were the dawn of a new day across the entire galaxy from darkness into light.
  12. Change some of the fireworks to colored smoke trails.
  13. Restore pre-2004 buildings to the background of the Coruscant celebration.
  14. Remove the “Weesa free!” line from the Naboo celebration.
  15. Alter the obvious flip shot from TPM during the Naboo celebrations. (TPM/DVD)
  16. Make it more obvious that the Coruscant “celebration” is an all-out riot (that stormtrooper is not crowd surfing).
  17. Restore Yub Nub.
  18. Find new music for the ending.
  19. Add a shot of an Imperial Officer shaking hands with a Rebel to show the beginnings of peace.
  20. Restore Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s Force Ghost.
  21. Restore Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s Force Ghost, but modify his robes to match PT Anakin. (DuTwan)
  22. Restore Sebastian Shaw as Anakin’s Force Ghost, but give him more hair. (DuTwan)
  23. Attempt to morph Shaw and Christensen into the Anakin Force Ghost.
  24. Add other Jedi from the prequels appearing next to Obi-wan, Yoda, and Anakin.
  25. Have a pan up from the “family picture” ending shot to the night sky and do the “jump into hyperspace” effect into dark heralding that the audience is now leaving the Star Wars universe.
  26. End the movie with Luke walking into the still-ruined Jedi Temple (perhaps marching in with a group of Rebel Soldiers, much like “Operation Knightfall” in Ep3) and seeing the Force Ghosts there.
  27. Try a new ending altogether.

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