• So they decided to let us have our cake and eat it too.  They couldn’t have stopped The Incident or they wouldn’t have gotten onto the Island at all.  So they show us both the Island unchanged and what would have happened to everyone had the plane not crashed.
  • Jacob’s Enemy (Esau) is the Smoke Monster, confirmed 100%.  Good to know, but you’d think Jacob would have said “Hey Ben, stop fraternizing with the Smoke Monster, he’s a bad guy.”
  • Jack’s dad’s body never got on the plane?  What about the empty casket they found in Season 1?  Where did Jacob get Christian’s body to play with?
  • Jacob seemed pretty fine for being dead.  Maybe this happens a lot?
  • Guitar case held an ankh, with a note inside it that says if Sayid dies then “we’re all in a lot of trouble.”  Sayid, really?  What happened to Walt being so important or any of the other people who have supernatural powers or freaking Desmond?  Maybe all of the O6 has to stay alive for some reason?
  • Sayid got baptized!  Asian guy knows kung fu!  Sayid did not survive the baptism?  I guess we’re all in a lot of trouble!
  • So, AltKate escapes, but with Claire in the taxi.   I guess she’ll always be responsible for Aaron…
  • The Others freak out when they hear Jacob is dead.  I guess they expect an invasion by “him”.
  • Esau wants to leave the Island?  Jacob had to die to make that happen?  If he’s not using Locke’s body and is just a copy, he’s just an apparition.  How does he expect to leave?
  • So Richard’s Others and the Other Others were just hanging out by the Four-toed Statue even though the 4 guys they sent in with guns never came out?
  • Is all this Alt2004 stuff going somewhere?  Is this what we should expect all season instead of flashforwards/sideways, etc?
  • Esau has come to free Jacob’s “slaves”, but kicks the crap out of Richard and carries him off saying he’s disappointed.  In what?
  • Sayid is back from the dead!  ZombieSayid!

Overall, I’d give this season premiere a “meh”.  All it did was confirm things we already guessed.  Remember when you couldn’t predict this show at all?  Ah, to be back in the first season…