Five Years

My wife and I have been married five years now.  In celebration, I got permission to reprint something she wrote last year.

The 9 Signs That You’ve Been Married to a Nerd for too long!

  1. You understand the jokes on “Big Bang Theory” and don’t really think they are funny because … they make a good point!
  2. You get upset when a movie or show your watching has sound effects in space.
  3. People start asking YOU for computer advice.
  4. You dread cooking sometimes because you KNOW a food replicator would be so much easier.
  5. You argue with people over which Star Trek TV Series is the best. (Voyager hands DOWN!)
  6. You trip over something and think to yourself “Well, I guess I failed my acrobatics check”.
  7. You hear Japanese people talking out in public and you can pick out phrases and words they are saying due to too much Anime.
  8. You turn down hanging out with people in your town to play xbox online with your “real” friends.
  9. You hear a landspeeder go by and realize it was a car.
  10. You find yourself describing something you appreciate as being “Leet” a.k.a. “1337”. (a late addition)

See why I love her so?

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